3. Collaboration

Pay during this lecture we all get the timing and what it means to have a collaborative approach to solving problems. Communication is most helped by the sincere and right approach.

We all feel that it’s easy for us to accept that once we see that the other person does not have a hidden agenda or does not want to harm us. This is as I said best held by the sincere and direct approach. How many times have you seen a message reach out to me or I need to see how many times.

I will not fear because of that message but maybe in the end we got invited to a party or somebody wanted to give us or give our minds create and arms our minds create theories based on this version of ours towards the point of collaboration is to create a unique approach that helps both people saw the compliment.

It’s based on communication of assertiveness on empathy on creating creating alternatives and generating alternatives and create affinity. We need these in order to produce a solution that works for all of us. Let’s dive a bit more into what I just said. You famous a set of complication is oh what do you think.

Active listening is we should describe our emotions as being our own. I see I feel we should take responsibility for what we say and we should assume what we want and what we think. This provides a much clearer communication and it kind of eliminates all of the ambiguity that happens during this process.

We also want to practice active listening. We want to listen to the other person we want to hear what they’re saying and also understand and transmit this message to the other person. What we want to achieve is basically come to a common understanding and a common knowledge of what is going on and how we deal through collaboration. We should validate and acknowledge the other person’s feelings the other person’s viewpoint.

We should practice active listening asking and question in order to test our assumptions and to prove that we’re going the extra mile in order to understand the other person. And this helps us deal with conflict in a much more efficient way in order to solve the problem creatively. We need to deal with it as it is as if it is it is a common problem.

We need to view it from both of our points of view. This will create a solution that basically needs both our needs and through this we would come up with the best option possible. Be flexible and open to new suggestions. There’s no problem. Don’t put your life on only one option. Find out what each individual needs and wants.

Find out the needs of all of the parties involved. Express yourself circle question. Don’t agree just for the sake of agreeing and choosing the easy way out because that maybe will not help solve the actual problem. Now let’s bring all of this into context and let me tell you this once or so the story goes like this.

There’s a bunch of chefs. Actually two of them. Well the two of the best chefs in the world and they work together the most respectable restaurant in the world. One day the boss comes over and tells them OK we have a very important dinner tomorrow we have a very big day coming over.

I need you both to make the best impression possible and to cook your best meals. All said that they go to the kitchen. They are cooking their meal. They take all of their ingredients.

One goes to the left the one goes to the right. They start working at one point they realize oh I need an orange. The other guy oh I didn’t order all they me at the French Open the fridge. There’s just one orange. They’re like this. Yes. Why. Well because we know each other.

Let’s just share and finish everything. I’m sure it will be fine. So your if they slice it in half each of them goes back with them in half. Now the problem is that one of them wanted to make his very famous dessert where like peel from the Orange and just kind of put it on top of the other.

I wanted to make a very famous duck callers and he needed the orange juice for the sauce. The problem is that none of them actually got what they need. None of them had enough juice and none of them had enough. Now the thing is that in the orange there was enough for both.

Does your age have enough juice for one of them and enough for the other. The problem is that because they didn’t deal with the problem as it was common because they didn’t talk about their needs and what they wanted to achieve. None of them actually got the result that they hope for both of them. It was a bit short.

So this is why I’m saying that compromise isn’t the best option. Compromise was cutting your in half but that didn’t actually solve the problem will solve the problem would have been collaboration talking asking .

what the other person was asking will be coming up with a solution that would have help potholder but this didn’t actually happen. So this is why I say collaboration is very important and it can help us deal with problems that otherwise we would have not been able to deal.

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