3. Barriers to a successful mediation

That during this lecture we are talking about some of the most common barriers to a successful mediation process. As I said in the beginning of the first lecture one of the key things that we need to understand and learn is the difference between arbitration and mediation.

One of the biggest barriers is when the mediator confuses his role and when he considers that he needs to impose a solution upon the parties. And that moment of the confrontation breaks down in the mediation process breaks down. Also you need to be trustworthy you need to be credible we need to be objective.

These are some of the most common things that we need to take into account when trying to do a successfully when done right.

Mediation has a very high chance of succeeding but it needs to follow some polls. And as I said one of them is confusing mediation with arbitration. This does not have to happen. The role that you have there is not to impose the solution but all the parties reach a common understanding in each round and create that solution together.

So one of the first barriers will be confusing arbitration with mediation. One of the second barriers would be losing the trust of one of the parties you have to be trustworthy. You don’t have to speak with one party behind the other ones back. You do not need to hold sides or considered as somebody is right and someone is wrong.

Once you do that you will gain the favor of one side but the distrust of the other and once again the mediation process breaks down because of us. So we need to take into account be trustworthy be credible. You also have to be accountable.

You do not need to go around telling what these people told you what the parties involved describe to you or told you has to be on a confidence level between you and them for doing this you gain their trust by not doing this you booze which really makes sense. Once again mediation has to be started at a certain point in time.

You cannot start it too early because the parties involved might consider that you dont have enough trust in them to solve their issues by themselves and it doesnt have to start too late because it might be too late and the rupture between the parties is so great that they not even want to see each other.

They don’t want to hear each other. They don’t want to be in the same room. So once this happens the mediation process can take place. So as I said What of the barriers would be timing. It has to be done precisely right. Not too soon and not too early because otherwise you lose the buying of the bargains.

The show is not easy but well done right. And following the principles that I have told you about in this lecture and also to be the one before it can be done quite easily. Now once we respect these rules and follow these guidelines we can discover that its much easier for us to help people manage their problems and come together to a common solution.

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