2. How we can keep conflicts constructive

During the summer we’ll be talking about how we can keep cathodes constructive what we need to do in order to achieve this. So as I said we need to be able to learn from all we need to be able to take the best out of them and basically create something in order to do this. We need to kind of avoid things so it’s easy to get caught in the wrong.

It’s easy to want to prove that you’re right to the other person. It’s easy to make it become a challenge or to make it become a fight. But the point is to understand it so that you can learn from. As I said tempers run high our blood boils our heart rate increases .

where in that tense moment and possible and say things were made do things or show behaviors that damage our relationships and that can break down friendships and we’ve all been through that point in life.

So I’m here to teach you what we should take into account in order to make sure that we can avoid these situations and basically improve how we deal with ourselves and also the people around us. OK. So these are some very easy rules. First one will be empathy. We need to be able to see the world through so many of the issues we need to be able to understand a conflict from somebody else’s point of view.

Once we do this and after we do this we will be able to gain insight on what it means and we will be able to understand it differently and see a different point of view. This will give us valuable information and insight on how we can solve it and what it actually means show empathy towards the other person.

This also helps a lot with your reputation and with how people perceive you and how they view you as a person. So this is why it’s a very important skill to focus on the issue not on something else. Interest is the very first thing that we need to take into account. I need to know what I’m aiming for is I need to know what I stand to win or lose.

It’s easy to react aggressively once you’re being challenged. It’s easy to bring out the worst in you but if you’re more concerned with winning or losing then you may lose sight of what is actually important and valuable to you and what you actually wish to achieve. So he kept this in mind what I want.

When do I want to win this battle or do I want to win the war. Interest is a very important thing and we need to keep this in line once we’re in conflict with other people because if we lose sight of it then the conflict just become something that will not help us become something that will become an experience from what we can gain.

that’s not the goal here. OK. The last principle will be focused on the future. As I said resist the temptation to use past behaviors. Resist the temptation to prove the other person wrong or to prove that you are right. Do your best in order to safeguard the relationships that you have and as the saying goes. Leave an open door.

Don’t burn your bridges. That’s not the point. You know people in your life and we are social beings. We need to be part of a community. We should be respected. We need to be light and love. It’s a natural thing. So focus on the future focus on what you want to do and focus on how you can save face both for you and for the other person.

Can leave a door open. How come a bridge there so that each other can help one another. Once the conflict is actually surge remember it’s very easy to defuse conflict and it’s very easy to know what you have to do. But you need to train it in order for it to become second nature. Just use the simple principles and the interest focus in the future. Try to understand what people are doing and it’s as easy as that.

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