047 Key 9 Social Warm Up

So something I like to share with you here is compelling when he wants to talk to people and make an excellent first impression just to be. Wound up, in other words. I would like you to talk to people during the day because you spend 8:00 hours in front of the computer.

Then you haven’t talked to anyone, and you go out and approach someone significant. You want to make a first fantastic first impression. It won’t be easy because your energy is focused on doing one task that does not involve talking to people.

so what I always do is when I have to spend 8:00 hours editing videos or doing something in front of my computer, I would do that, and then right after I would maybe call a friend I would talk to someone in the streets I we’ve talked to 2 people in the bar.

The restaurant I would engage in conversation with a bouncer all we someone at the shop I would ask a fundamental question I’ll say something why because it was thought the winding up and then when the moments it can be a networking event that could be a restaurant or bar and I would you have to make a great team great first impression I would already be the talkative mood so would already be warmed up.

It’s something that you can do so if you have a job interview. Don’t arrive if you are stressing you haven’t talked to anyone doing that day. You should just talk to people during the day, and then you go to the job interview.

It’ll be easier because you have already talked to 5 people during the day, and if we buoy each other better, we’d be able to become at ease when you approach people. So powerful to hear advice.

While I’m up warm-up, if you have to make an excellent first impression, you have one shot. The person is critical talk to other people before you would see it would help you.

So congratulations you have completed the course so I would like to say that I’m really proud of you and if you’d like to learn more about social skills .

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