046 Key 8 How To Approach People

So now let’s talk about how we can approach people to make an excellent first impression, so in this video, yeah, I would like to share with you too they can excel two ways that I used to approach people, and I use them all the time.

Most people think it’s essential to see the perfect thing when you approach someone but such reports because most people will remember how they felt in any direction. Most people won’t even remember how you come that, so if you ask someone that’s you best today for the first time in the fastest person.

What do you remember what they said when they approached you. Most people won’t even remember, so it’s not as important as you think, but it has to be done in the right way.

Hence, the two ways that they used the first one is that I would introduce myself. It means that I will walk up to someone emergency hi, my name is Alex, how are you? Well, hi, my name is Alex; I just wanted to say hi.

Because you look friendly, and then I shake hands, it’s powerful, and that works well. You can use that all the time everywhere you’re in a restaurant networking events in a bar with friends. You just introduce yourself powerful here when you shake hands, fume handshake, and you think you might be in contact, and you can even have a small slide.

And if you introduce yourself. The person will, by the law of reciprocity, also say their name, so it’s a great way to start the new direction and then when you have done that, you can ask how do you know each other what brings you here and then you can start talking about what’s happening around you.

You can start talking about the environment you can ask a question I see if the person like the conference if the person like the food if the person and the wind you can stop asking the basic questions why do you do where I’m from you can talk about anything but just to double approach how did you approach this person.

So the second way to approach people would be just to ask a fundamental question because you can just make as if it just happened and remember the first floor set to do we say I’m not shooting parts of so you could walk up to anyone and just ask a fundamental question even if you already know the answer it doesn’t matter.

It means that I can go to a place and I can approach them. I say excuse me can I ask you a question do you know when the space goes do you know a great restaurant in town where I can eat I can eat sushi aid you know and if the conference that that that that that do you do anything and you ask people questions can even request an opinion you can ask something about.

The business about the conference that you write about is the environment that bought the restaurant. You can ask a question any question. It’s excellent any questions that you could ask another human being. It is not yet, and it would be appropriate in that environment you can ask it, and that’s how you can start the conversation, and then you read the conversation what brings you here and then you can ask the basic questions why do you do and talk about the environment.

Okay, how about the what-ifs I round you so don’t stress too much about the approaching people is just going for it to approach someone and you receive that it’s fun to talk to people don’t be too stressed when you come someone remember you have to feel great yes.

To feel relaxed and how do you do that just by feeling great emotions in your body. You go you approach someone Hey my name is Allan how are you, hey my name is Alan you look friendly I just wanted to say hi hi my name is Alan I just wanted to congratulate you on the conference before hi my name is Alan.

I just wanted to say hi what’s your name. All you can ask a question hi can I ask you a quick question you know when the space coast do you know that that that that you are asking the question and yes south of the conversation and that’s how you can make a great first impression don’t stress about it go and do it.

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