045 Key 7 What To Say

So now let’s talk about what you can say when you whine session directions and how you can make a great impression with that so to remind yourself of that words only 7 percent in a conversation and 93 percent is not available to switch your body language how you feel you can avoid smiting.

But the 7 per cent also reported you could say something, so I would like to give you some advice. I don’t want to provide you with sentences that you can apply because it has to be aligned with who you were when I started approaching people.

I would write down everything that I would say. I would Scripps every conversation, every line that that that would see and then I would go off. I would start talking to people, and it would be robotic and reedy fate because I was using sentences from other people, so I’m not saying you have to script your conversations. Don’t do that.

You must feel great when you talk to people and see what you want to say to people at that moment in time as long as you have great intentions. And you want to be friendly towards the other person. That’s it.

So, in other words, you could be talking about anything. You could be asking the basic questions. As long as you feel great and want to have a great conversation with the other person, you can talk about what is happening around you.

You about the environment, you can ask questions about what the person did earlier today about the other person is doing what the person does. Still, what the other person will do in the future you can ask about the future vacation you can ask what they like to do when I have free time.

You can share stories about your life. You can tell a joke; you can see something that happened before you can see something that you would do in the future. You can still see where it’s all, but he’s just about expressing who you are and finding your personality.

So a great way to. C. O. to know the things that work for you would be to sit down with a piece of paper and to think about the directions that were successful for you. And to ask yourself this question, what did I see in that direction.

Because if you see that there are questions that common questions all come on sentences that you see in that to make a greedy for suppression you should use them again.

Think of all the significant direction you have at work when you when the box when you well I’m approaching people in a restaurant or anywhere with friends. What were you saying? That was great and made a great first impression, so it’s great now when you find the sentences. I don’t want you just to rent them by Howarth and go out.

We see them without the motion because what works when you were saying the sentences it was because you also had the emotions any plus aligned with what you wanted to see at that moment in time, so what you should do is just you can read this sentence is before you go out of before you go to a networking event.

Then you forget that, and then I want you to be 100 per cent present in the interaction. I want you to listen to what the person is saying entirely, and I would like you to trust your ability to see. You will see that magical things would happen. You would start saying the right things at the right time and otherwise don’t know the voice, and everything would be perfect. In other words, everything will be great.

So the address section we share with you here is maybe not the advice that you would like to hear because perhaps you wanted me to give you everything to say and give your lax I’m not going to do that’s because it’s not going to serve you I’m giving you the advance advice, and it’s the advice that’s what.

Now it’s really about finding you cite finding what you say and developing who you are because that’s what makes you a charismatic person and that’s how you will be able to make a great impression, so go ahead take a piece of paper and a pen and started brainstorming everything that you said in the past it was successful and then you think I get.

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