044 Key 6 Confident Body Language

To make a great first impression, you must take care of your body language, so if you think with emotions in your body, if you have great energy and confidence, the body language will appear as confident anyway have a great body language so if you don’t feel great.

You don’t want to approach someone, and you are stressed how can you fix the body language so I would like to share with you here if you keep the first one is about the posture that you hit so like you imagine that you are super light in other words you are someone pretty confident how dispersant.

How would dispersant have a strong body language? In other words, the person would open his chest, shoulders back, head straight, and be proud. So you can adopt the posture of someone confident and guess what you will become convinced. So you can smile because the more you smite, the more energy which generates in your body and they’re more confident.

Happy with the call; you cannot maintain eye contact when you talk to people. When you shake hands, you must have a few arm handshakes, not at hand. I got a few handshake ministers who said this question how would a confident person behave? What’s the posture of a confident person B.? How would you choose a confident person to smite 19.

Eye contact, talk to people, and in other words, have to copy the body language of competent people who are around you. So how I learned to have a confident body language was to observe sure people around me, so I had people who had CEOs. I have hi poor people, but I also had friends who wear doing nothing with the lights but the waves confident.

So you must find someone you can call and ask yourself this question: How is this person behaving? Confidence gives clues it means that confident people have a great posture sure people will look into other people’s eyes in the second week the lots everyday treats with competent people.

I can tell you that it’s better at maintaining eye contact and smiling how you feel great emotions. I don’t think the posture of someone whose confidence all I had to get a great posture imagining that you’re Superman but then the just about the mindset so it’s more complicated than that so I could tell you that.

But the effect wouldn’t be as powerful as just observing people around you and just a few steps question. What did this person doing that I’m not doing, and why is this person not confident that I am.

Try to find clues are thinking differently either talking a different way. Are there wearing other clothes? Are they doing something that, yeah, and that’s how you can have fantastic body language?

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