041 Key 3 Ask Positive Questions

When reached deep to make an excellent first impression and it’s something that they ask all the time, it’s positive questions because if I ask you questions that will trigger always see that has a higher chance of starting a negative emotion you won’t have a great first impression.

Because if I ask you what makes you sad right now, what’s the tragedy right now? Well, suppose I ask a question that has a negative focus in that case.

You will start shifting focus to finding something sad or uncomfortable or something that you don’t relax, so it’s the same thing with your it means that if I ask you a positive question like what do you like to do for fun all well.

What do you do when you have free time, or do you have any vacations coming up? These are positive emotions questions. The high instances of you feeling great emotions because if I’m talking about your interests and passions. Do we feel great because you like your desires and claims it is cheap here?

Ask questions, so I encourage you to make at least between 3 and 5 questions that you could ask someone with a positive focus and see that will transform your life change your social life because that’s how I am. I can make people like me easy.

because I have a great emotion in my body, so I feel great. I would approach the person and then stop asking positive questions, so maybe I want to be too personal saying, Hey, due out what type of passions and interests when I need the person but through the conversation.

I would be talking about fashions about what they like to do about vacation, so you see, I would be talking about positive things, and you should do that.

You would be able you will be able to retake your business and your personal life to the next level now. Should we add up the questions according to the situation that you won’t eat, so try to bring someone out, and you would see that if we transform your life?

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