040 Key 2 Make The Other Person Feel Comfortable

It’s essential to make the other person feel comfortable, so when you approach someone away directing the other person, one of your focuses should be about whether the person is relaxed. If the person is not satisfied, it may be because you are too close to dispersing it.

So what I encourage you to do is that if you approach the person and don’t know this person, you would keep a distance of 13 arm lengths.

so if you go anything left of that arm length, it would be personal. Still, if you go in like that, it’s a distance that when two strangers meet, it’s acceptable and the person will be comfortable, so if you see that the person is not pretty comfortable, what you should also do is see.

If you are a little bit too direct, it means that if your eye contact is anything beats to the director, if you’re facing the person directly and your feet are pointing to the person, and then you feel that the person you shy what you should do is try to be a little bit more indirect.

So, in this case, I’m talking to you. I see that you are not pretty comfortable. I would like you to turn away, but I would keep in contact with you and keep engaging you, but that would be tested to be breaking the eye contact, and you would see that the person will be bought cheese.

Also, if you notice that the person is not pretty comfortable, it may be because you’re asking too personal questions, or you may be bored. What I mean by being boring is that you don’t feel good emotions in your body ends. You are just saying things to see things.

You don’t want to engage in the conversation. In other words, if you are bored, the other person would be bored because whatever you feel the other person feel so it’s essential to make the other person laugh in to teach the other person tell jokes and be a great emotion and make the other person feel and have a great time.

Because that’s how you would be able to make an excellent first impression and if you think about last time that you wear interacting with people whether taking care of the fact that you are comfortable with them or not. Most of the time, people are still stressed whether they don’t even care if the person is comfortable enough in social interactions.

They want to appeal would make a great first impression, but if you’re going to make a great first impression, it comes first by making the other person feel comfortable why. Because at the end of any direction. The person we remember how they felt in any order, not what west set.

Because remember words are only 7 per cent in the non-verbal is 92 percent and most people can feel if they had a great time or not.

So if you make the other person feel comfortable to see all my god I was pleased with this person maybe something is going on with the specimen perhaps I like this person it can be business or get the best of life but what I mean is that make the other person feel comfortable.

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