039 Key 1 Attractive Social Energy

So if you want to make a great first impression it’s really important to understand that 93 percent of the communication between people is not available in only 7 percent is there about you know the words what you say always to get the cash the question I’m in what do I see.

what do I see? What you see is a thrilling portrait as long as you’re not hurting someone N. as in this, you have good intentions. What is important is the 93 per cent available, which is a ton of voice on how to use mine.

How you look people in the eyes how you feel these are important because it’s 93 per cent of the communication, so if you want to make a great first impression, there is something that you can do and if we fix almost everything.

In other words, if we fix you’re not available, what you should do is see with emotions in your body when you want to talk to people because what most people do is that they don’t take care of how they feel. They approach someone, focused on what to say and what they want to be.

Take care of how they feel, so what you want to do to have attractive social energy is just before going to the social, please. I would like you to close your eyes, and for a few seconds, I would like you to find a memory where you had three amazing Phoenix what effects would be significant, and that will make you feel this emotion dispositive motion you can try that right.

Now close your eyes and remember when you have happy and incredible emotions in your body—interesting a few seconds to feel emotion. How do you think you’ve been great so I can do that in a few seconds? It means that I can’t be great right now. All I can feel is depressed in a few seconds.

It’s just by focusing on different things. Hence, if you want to have this attractive energy, focus on a memory where you had great emotions anyway. See, that’s your social excuse, and the way that you interact with people increase. You will be able to communicate better with people, so not don’t forget to have creepy motions when you talk to people.

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