037 Be rejected less – Technique 1

Now I think you need to be rejected unless, instead of adapting your personality to people to like you. You express yourself free because people will like you more if you’re yourself rather than nine. You’ve got to try to micromanage everything that you do to get they will like you.

And remember an example, and I show you have that in your life west someone approached you, and he was micromanaging everything so that you could like him did you like him more. Or less than someone who just expresses himself. And I’m sure the answer would be that you want him less in discount.

The intuitive because he wants to be like so you think that by adopting new behaviours and making other people like you they will like you more, but that’s the opposite if you do that to people who want you less so the way to go about that is remember your 50 percent you maximize your 50 percent.

We define what’s important to you, your passions, your interest and then you go for it; okay, you can find what’s important to you, you go for it. You’ll be proud of it, and then you see that you tell us about what other people think of you because you understand one of the 50 percent, and you know that you can only control what’s in control, which is how you express yourself.

Okay, so remember that. People will like you more if you express 100 per cent in the expression mode rather than trying to make an impression.

Micromanaging everything so that we like you how comfortable it is when you meet someone and did they add that to everything so that they can pick you can see that the adapting their personality and that’s not attractive at all okay so be aware of that.

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