034 Psychology of REJECTION

Okay, day 7, now let’s discuss it. It’d be that psychology off rejection. We don’t like to be rejected. That’s a fact. We don’t like it. But it can be good, really Kennedy who let’s discuss it, so we don’t want to be rejected because you want to be loved we don’t want we think that I’ll say if worse is directly proportional to the response thus the person ahead no that’s not the case.

Because remember that, you have 50 percent of the direction, and I have 50 percent of the order. So most people think that when someone approaches them, the other person never saw them. How does the name back hasn’t been mazing number impact over them and they know everything about them that’s what it is.

Because if I say I’m going to approach the person and then if this person rejects me, I’m a loser if you say that you think that the person that doesn’t know you refuses you. Knows everything about you know who your five years are, and then you can talk to like that is another great person.

First, if you think that you should consider and that 2 points of like to make here first one is that don’t take it personally because the other person can have a bad day or something terrible happened.

I can also be your approach, and your system is not you besides how you approach how you express yourself at that moment in time. Still, it doesn’t mean that you are back there said he must be aware of that when you are rejected.

When you’re rejected, it’s not that you assume someone wrong. Yes, maybe the other person had a bat a lousy day off about a week or by the year all the staff is having a stormy night or by day, or I can do that the way you approach was not so good. Still, it doesn’t mean yourself worse shouldn’t be proportional to the other person’s response. The broad rejection I don’t use anymore.

It’s the feedback I experience. If you hang out with me are. Yes, my friends, I never say the word reject it because that’s not what it is. Okay, I’m accepted. I just had an experience with someone; I just like feedback from someone. And then if you see that, if you get rejected and then.

They get rejected because you do every time the same thing is. They say, Hey, you ought to arigato too cocky, and then everyone says that maybe you are, and then you could change it. You could quickly through its feedback.

But in if only someone says that and then the other person says that you’re not arrogant a bunch on just only one person says that you shouldn’t take that into account so take the feedback into account if many people say that my not only for one bit one person says that.

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