033 Your passions interests Your personality

It would help if you also had a great personality, passions and interests, so in this section, I would like to ask you some questions to be something lights and fun so that you can answer to beads your personality because instead when someone asks you Hey, what do what would have to go on holidays all that do you like to do for fun all what would you do when you have free time.

You say I do like I don’t know I do what other people do. You can see here that it doesn’t work, so if I ask you this question. What are the top 3 things that you like to do for fun? And you can post a video to answer the question it has this question. Okay, what does it but I you five passions and interests?

What is your favourite food? What is the food you hate and white? What I would like to do on vacation. What’s up your five golf destinations to go on holidays. And what is your favourite book? What is your favourite movie, white? If you could have dinner with anyone in the, world who would it be and why.

And what are the three qualities that you admire in the special? What are the three things that you hate in his work? What are your three vices? What is your favourite animal? What kind of movie do last.

You can see here that on you with this question most people don’t know how to answer and with this question here first if you open up your creativity but so next time that you will be in such a situation and someone would ask Hey what do you like to do in your free time.

Instead of saying you say Hey, I like reading books, I love comic books, so I want to go to the movies all I like acting tennis. You can see here that if we open up, your positivity tees off. Conversation threads are okay, so this is great to just a tiny section here to make you think about it.

About your personality about your passions, you mean dress what you like and do for fun. Still, you have to do when you have the free time what diet what are your interests why it’s great to focus on it because when you will be sharing that with all.

The people we feel the energy behind it would be the positive and influential points. As we said before, whatever you think the other person would feed, if the person feels that you’re passionate about what you’re saying, the other person would also provide this fashion.

It’s essential to redefine that with other things that you like and. What things make Q. Trigger this positive emotion inside you to use them for such situations?

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