032 Your STYLE

Now about your site, okay to stack island; I never asked myself what my start is. Think about your job first; think about to position in about who you want to be who you are. And then think about the things because if you are always waiting, for example, a switcher and you enjoys to working a bank.

There is a problem here because your style doesn’t reflect who you want to be. They say that, for example, you want to be an entrepreneur class young tripping her and you’ll always wearing T.

Shirts and switcher, you can see here that there is a problem with the site, so a great way is to think about the style you would like to have. And change to the state you have to have it if you have your style and improve it.

The best thing you can do is that you can contact your friends and the best thing is female friends because they have better eyes for that because there are more used to fashion than men you call your friends and say that Hey you know what you sent me these do that just last month.

Hence, the tests here and yes, dear, you see what I just wanted to improve my style. What do you think I could improve with my stack.

Then they would tell you yeah if your car is about maybe this thing is too large perhaps you should wear enough to switcher but that that that that that and they would give you the advice this is great because that’s free advice there are from a woman so they should be good hi and. It’s very.

I think on points that vices that woman give so we ask people around you how you can improve the site also you can read many magazines to see the style that you have now and decide that you want to have a slight and slowly try to incorporate the new elements into your life okay you don’t need for example.

Suppose you have this side of someone relaxing. You want to be more classy. In that case, you don’t need, for example, in one hour to be wearing a suit and then change your life forever no start with the sure to see how people react if they like it it’s about this thing. Still, my goal here is to be aware that his thigh BL will decide what you want to have.

Get feedback from your female friends so that they can give you advice is. When you look at your female friends, don’t say, Hey, what do you think about my site because then they would.

Say Hey, your studies are great, even if it’s not because they don’t want to hurt you, so here I framed the question how can I improve my stack. Okay, this is key here. How can I improve my site and then there will say something, and they will give you the advice and apply the direction if you want to.

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