031 Boost Your Appearance With This Powerful Exercise

Suppose you want to have been comfortable with yourself, and that’s the goal because you want to have a great impression. In that case, you should be comfortable with yourself, so what you can do that first looks at the mirror off you must be satisfied with how you look. Every time there’s a mirror, try to look into it and see yourself be comfortable with yourself from it.

Now. What you can do in the morning that’s when you’re in front of the mirror you have a look and then see the things that you can’t change let’s say that for example, you ought to be told all you don’t thank you I Kerr yeah I think that you can genuinely change so you can change it you must accept it.

Because there is no point in not accepting someone that’s not getting something that you can genuinely change, there is no point there’s no point of going to a social situation saying I don’t like my nose if I don’t like my noseā€”and then destroying your self-esteem.

If you don’t like something and you can change it, for example, if you don’t like it, who knows. Can you change it? Yes, I could have surgery but do I want to see so you can’t change it.

If you can’t change it, then accepted except that he’s there, that’s he’s yours. This is your natural beauty, okay. So I encourage you to find the things that you once that the things that you don’t really like about yourself but and the things that you can’t change.

Okay, now the other things that you don’t like about yourself and you can change, let’s say that you want to lose some weight all you don’t think you have cut. Hence, these are things that you can stench so if you’re in front of the mirror. You can say, okay, I want to lose some weight. I want to get the better half cut to identify them and then take action. For example, for the half cuts, it calls okay today.

I’m going to call my hairdresser. Volume to lose weight, you can say, okay at the mall I’m going for a run okay tomorrow I’m going to instead of eating a pizza I would eat the salad. Okay, and you can see here that your self-image we already improved.

So how you look, you would be more comfortable with yourself because you accepted things you can’t tense. And you are improving on the things that you can’t change but also what I would like you to do is that every morning. You say ten affirmations about what you want about yourself.

So before starting your day, you go in front of the mirror, and you say what you like about yourself are. You can say, Hey, I like my blue eyes, Hey. I like how friendly I am so you can be on your looks. Still, it can also be in the personality try to enjoy half off because what you want to do is associate positive things.

Which you set for yourself image also so, for example, can say five things to your self-image and five things to your personality and then you will see that it’s you will also see them if you that every morning instead of going in front of the mirror and saying on my cutting sort the hard I looked because of zombie.

You say, Hey, I like my blue eyes. Focus on the things that you like, and at the top, was it you about yourself instead of the things that you don’t like because you are taking care of them with the exact size give you before.

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