Hi and welcome to the fight, so today. We discuss visualization for success. What’s great about our mind and brain is that you can’t see the difference between something that’s happens and something that you imagine it can’t see the difference so

Okay, now let’s imagine something. Imagine that you have two boxes here, okay. They are the same size, but one package has gone than paper needs, and the other has the newspaper. You can’t see what’s inside if you ask me this question, okay. Which one do you choose? Ninety-nine per cent of people which was the one that has the garden package on it.

But then, if you opened the garden box there, the box has a garden package. What would happen is that. You would only find five sets, but if you opened the other one that has that that’s what’s back through the newspaper package, you’d see $100. What I wanted to share here is that—appearance matters.

You can see it at the 200 daughters in youth, but the packaging was terrible. So these books here didn’t have the chance to show their actual value.

Still, the other one with a great appearance and nothing inside had the ten, so what they want to share here is that I prince mother it’s essential to take care of how you look okay of how you interact and how you express yourself with the word.

Because you want to get the best packaging so that most people will interact with you and get their greedy greets the first impression okay from you. Then they can see your real value inside, but that’s important that you maximize it. That’s what we know in the section.

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