024 How to Build your Social Confidence Easily Over Time

To build your confidence and leave a remarkable impression, you must make small wins all the time. I mean that if you go after someone and for example, you approach someone if he was eighteen people. You know that he’s V. be the challenging situation any cigarettes I followed island course I’m going to do it, and then you go there.


Don’t cut threads because that’s rude. Okay, what do I mean by that? Let’s say that someone shares with me a story that the specimen to Barcelona and then he met the friend there and blah blah blah blah blah so discussions sharing an account and then, so dispersant session story and then I say Hey do you know if it’s going to rain tomorrow.

What happened here. The person was sharing something.

What they did is that cuts the thread. Then I started with something yes, this **** rude because the president wants to is sharing something. Instead of taking what the person said to be the conversation, I just got the threat, and then I moved on to something else, so the right way to do that is, for example.

Suppose someone is talking about Barcelona. And then you want to talk about whether you can give it to get the validation to acknowledge the fact that the president share that with you and then move on so for example, if that person shares the story of all possible enough to study showed us in a sick this attractive basket on I liked it Hey do you know if it’s going to rain tomorrow.

It’s different than just looking at the person. They say, Hey, you know it’s going to rain tomorrow, so you can give it to be the validation say something, comment on it. Then you can be slightly overweight here like I did with the weather.

But they need to be accurate, but that could be okay. Still, just you should do it’s most carefully is about giving somebody division and slightly moving away instead of immediately cutting the thread and cutting the line and then.

Moving the conversation okay, so if you need any help, just write out the discussion about it, and I would be happy to help you with that.

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