023 How to CONNECT With ANYONE Instantly

How can you connect with anyone instantly is a question that many people ask me: Hey Allen, how can you connect with people now? First, I like to start with an advanced technique, and then I would give you the basic techniques. The developed method is that you can connect with someone.

By energy, so how do you do that? First, you look you might, and I contact, and then there is a rule that says that whatever you feel, all the precedent we feet so if I’m talking to you. Then I’m fed the feeding of happiness inside me. You would feel a feeling of joy. If I have a sense of 6, you have the traction you will feel it if I feel angry.

You may feel it. We check because of my sense of my face with the centre and the energy I’m sharing with you. And this is interesting and just released thank you it’s always amazed me when I do that is that when I do that to my conferences at the end, I ask someone to come in stage with me and as I I told I tell them you know what we’ll be talking and then up to 1.

I was sure and energy with you I want to tell you when I do that and what kind of energy and then at the end you tell me the power you fat it is incredible because every time the person safe you know what it was this energy just energy and I think I have a small piece of paper in mine.

In my jeans, I take it and show it to the origins, and that’s always the same energy that’s the person said, so it means that you can share power with people.

Hence, if you want someone to like you, if you want someone to have good feelings to what you feel good emotions first and then send out the with the person you sh, you feel defeating. First, you connect with the other person with eye contact, and then you imagine that the energy is going through. For. You imagine.

So you feel excellent feelings first. You maintain eye contact and imagine the energy going in here to the other person and entering the ice and going inside the other person’s body.

He’s an advanced technically said about if you want to try that with a partner with the friends and yeah to try to do that you try to feed on the motion and then your partner will we tell you the energy that your faith so this chi like if an advanced technique.

I want to share here, but it’s. It works well how you can connect with people is to find commonalities. If you find commonalities, people would say, oh my god, we have so much in common and commonalities with we make that that we connect with you faster and better so you can find the committee’s commonality is for example, if you play the piano.

And the other person the panel if you went to the same school or had the same sports if you have the same passions and interests. You should be OK with the commodities. What you can do is ask what are you passionate about the what do you do for fun.

And then find the passions and interests and then try to see if you have a direct commonality or an indirect commonality direct commodity ease for example, if the person says, Hey, I went to Barcelona.

The direct scum that you would be I hate. I also went to Barcelona. The indirect commonality would be I have a friend who went to Barcelona and lofty. You can see here that the committees can be directly between you and the other person or indirectly think that you have a friend who went there and loved it.

So you go; he is trying to find the commonalities as soon as possible when you direct someone. If you do that, you would see that the first impression with a reading increase because people say, oh my god, I’m reconnecting with the special.

Because imagine you off of your put someone yeah for someone and you have nothing in common with the stars. Then you approach another person and is best and shares the same hobbies the same interest as you. You will feel a better connection with them. I’m not saying he had to face the relationship and fix the commonalities but try to find the ones you have in common.

I’m not telling you Hey go there and see you love playing tennis if you hate it I’m just trying to say try to find commonality and the commonalities can be your job what you do for a fun way of travel but try to see things in common because as human beings we want to connect. We want to be with people that are.

Like us, so if you ask this question, what do you do for fun what do you like doing and I’m asking these questions because I want them to talk about things they like resin done boring stuff so if you ask that.

Then if you have commonalities about things that they like to do for fun or they want to do it would be better because first, you can also do these activities with them but that we would be talking about things that excite you and the other person so this is what I would like to share he’s tried to find commonalities as soon as you can.

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