022 The Power of The DISTANCE Between You The Other Person

The sense with someone is also essential. It means that if you are too close to someone, you can feel I need to be uncomfortable. You’ve got to file away. The person can think that you lack connection, so a great way is to have you be at arm’s length.

So imagine that the person would be here arm length D. isn’t the acceptable distance to interact with another human being if you are a little closer than that’s it can mean that you are more intimate with a person. You feel a little bit farther away than that. It means that it’s a stranger, so this is a rule that you can have a general rule that you can use that if you can see.

Okay, I’m at a reasonable distance from the other person. Okay, now it will also depend on culture, so you should be aware of that. Because some cultures are comfortable right you being 5. Next near them and all the culture’s another pretty comfortable a few being near them so what you should do that keep these rule here the one law the one arm length add to the other person and.

Suppose you see that the person is not very comfortable. You can move, you can move back all move forwards how you do that you look at the face if you see that the person.

You see that the person has the look of someone that is not comfortable you can adapt you must be responsive to that because that’s your role. You want me to make the other person feel comfortable.

You leave every great impression the first impression, so you must be aware of that, be mindful of the distance you have I’m running for and then if you can, try to get that either.

Because if you want more proximity and intimacy with that person but if you see that the person is not comfortable, you just. And if you see that the person is relaxed, you can move a little closer. He said about playing with these decent here but stock with the length.

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