021 The Power of Your BODY LANGUAGE Handshake Your Posture More

Now I would like to discuss a bit of body language and posture because it would be essential to approach someone if you approach someone and then your shoulders are down, your head is down, you know that’s your feeling to be down, and when you come someone.

Say Hey hope to make a great impression on what’s happening. The thing is that your posture is not great, so how is a great posture what you can do that your shoulders. Show this back head straight, and then you look at the back okay.

You can see here that my shoulders are not like that. My chest is open. My shoulders are back-ended. I’m looking. At the back and my head district, you can imagine that you have this treating putting you through the sky then so with your feet, you’re in you’ll just what.

But you keep what you can do at the feet has to be a little less than the shoulder length of what you can do is also to have a look at your waist okay so your feet have to be aligned with your core it depends on. It’s the most comfortable position for you. Still, it’s essential to have an excellent buster postureuster because remember what you said before.

If you have a great posture of someone confident, you will increase your confidence and decrease your stress level. If you have a posture of someone to teach low confidence and stressed your body, we feel stressed so. It’s essential to have a body language that he’s open and relaxed so that your attitude your vital energy would be more open and relaxed, so do something significant, so be aware of your body language.

If I ask you this question, how is your body language when you interact with people? I am was a closed-end like that, or are you more confident and open when you talk to people? It will make a difference, so focus on an extended transition situation stop back for half a second.

If you are okay, how is my body language? How can I improve open the chest, shoulders back head straight? Imagine if everything string here putting me back. And then my feeds I should be at the length of Maya the length of my waist also does it depends on how comfortable I want to be and how comfortable it is for me.

if you do that, you would see that you would get excellent results okay, so your posture is also essential. Now the handshake. When you shake hands with someone, it has to be freed, and as I discussed before, I open just a little bit and then when someone would stand here, I shake it like that and then the staff and he.

Now you want to have an open body language by available body language. This is hollow body language.

Yes, the closed body language. Okay, so what you want to do is that you want to be open. Now, most people say that crossing arms is a sign-off. Close body language it can be, and you can speak. It depends on the energy and the sub communication because I can be talking to you and but it can also be challenging.

But if I’m just like that. It’s close because I’m bored, so it all depends on the acid if you’re new to this, don’t close your eyes, don’t cross your arms have them open so you can be here he can be on your way see can be just hanging the service an available body language remember not to cross your arms not to not to cross your legs hi.

Suppose you are just standing, but you can still do that. In that case, you can cross your legs, so it’s not as crucial as the I’m, so I would say focus on not travelling the ox if you are new to this and have an open body language.

Before we shot the backs and everything that you would see, I said that it would help you. Now you can say that yeah, I don’t I I can’t have my head straight well, I can put my soldiers back.

What can you do so I would want to show you a few stretching exercises that you can do for them for the shoulder. You can do it like you put your short is that death you had here, and then you push. And you should feel a straight stretch here.

That’s the way. That way. And you can do that’s far 15 seconds every morning then you can put your hand here and then put them straight.

And then put up sorry push them back and then you should feel a stretch here and here and then you can do to friends hi it’s. It’s hurting.

And then you can do that’s you can do that every morning ten times here at ten times here then thanks here then for the head, but you can do you can put the lead through the site. For 10 seconds. Then the other side 10 seconds. Look up.

And few districts here for 10 seconds. Look down. And she destroyed here all the stretching moves you want to have to have a relaxed posture, so if you’re going to get serious about getting an excellent great impression, you should do that. You should stretch your body so that you will get a great posture.

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