015 Be CHARISMATIC How to Be 100 PRESENT in Social Interactions

If you want to be a magnetic person being present is essential. What is being present is it some we have seen that you can do no being current means that you are 100 percent your focus is 100 percent in their direction you’re not thinking about the things that you would say next you’re not thinking about the things that you would do tomorrow the only thing is that you are.

Focusing is the person in front of you what the person is saying, and if you do that, you would see that people would say I had a great time with this person. I connected with this person. This person is unique because nowadays, they focus on something else on their phone when you talk with them.

What has what’s happening tomorrow what happened before that if we present in in the direction, so that’s important that when you are in any order with someone if you want to be charismatic, you have to be present so now when I’m talking to you, I’m not thinking about what I’m going to say next.

You are just flowing out of my mouse, so this is great. I’m 100 per cent present here when I’m talking to you I’m 100 presents so when I’m sharing things with you what I’m talking about here I’m 100 per cent present, so I’m enjoying the moment I’m not thinking about tomorrow all right how am I going to do videos because if I do that okay let’s do the example. Now I’m going to share things.

But I’m going to think about all the things okay so hi welcome to this course and this disease it is an excellent course so yeah I want to talk about social skills. And you would see that you would improve. You see the divide the energy that intensity is different because you feel to connect with them.

I have to be 100 per cent present, okay you have to be in the direction you would see that if you do, that person would say Hey, I connected with this person, and there was something special with the specs, so how can you be present first.

Most people are not present because they’re thinking about what to say next. Let’s say that we are having a conversation, and then you say something you say, Hey, I’m going to Barcelona for the weekend. And then I’m going to say, okay, what can I say about this and what can I say about seven? Then you are continuing the story, but the numbers I’m not listening to.

Because I’m thinking about busted on what I’m going to say instead, listen to the other person and then trust yourself trust the fact that. You will have something to say we see later the conversation basics, but I want to show you here that trust yourself that you would have something to say. And.

Enjoy the moment with the other person. Now how can you do that? Let’s say that, for example, you are in a social situation, you’re interacting with someone, and then you’re thinking about all the things you can do to focus on the feeling in your body? So if I’m thinking about other things about my socks about what everybody.

I’m going to put back the emotions and the feelings in my body, so I’m going to feed my feet in my legs in my belly feel. My thoughts on the chair I’m going to feel. My hair off my face, I’m going to take back the emotions and the feelings inside my body, and I’m going to reconnect with my body. A great way to do that, for example, is to see the weight of your tongue.

I know it’s weird, but does it do that try to feel the weight of your tongue and think about the laundry. It isn’t easy because by focusing on your ****, you intend to focus inside your body and be completely present. Instead of focusing on things outside 33, the technique is focused on the emotions and the feelings in your body.

We see that you will be way more present and always be with someone, so if you approach someone and have this time with this person. Be with this person 100 per cent. What I can do and so I’m I sit at the head that’s.

When I approached someone, this person in front of me is the most critical in work. If you are having president Barack Obama well, if you have someone significant and mighty, will you be thinking about other things? Are you going to give him all your focus and energy?

It’s something that you can do when you approach someone. Imagine that is Baquba. Any I present, you walk with this person in the moments, and you will see that if you do that if you are present when you approach someone.

You would have excellent social interactions, and the first impression that people would get would be incredible because people say there is something special about the special. And is once you want to do so if you want to increase these.

Be the present thing you can meditate. You can do meditation in the morning. You don’t need to do that’s for half an hour. You can do 51020 minutes as much as he wants. As long as you’re comfortable with what you can do that you can start with 5 minutes. What you do, you can see okay every morning before taking a shower; I would sit down in the chair. I would sit down be straight.

And I would relax. I would agree with. I will if I put my focus inside my body so. I would focus on my breathing on the sensation to have. And if you ask me if I have thought, stuff comes in. I would take the filter and put it in the cloud, and if you go, this is how I meditate. I sit on the chair I focus on the feelings in my body.

I focus on my breathing, and then if I want to think about something, I have a thought. I just put it in a crowd; I imagine clout, and when the group goes away, I just let it go.

And then. I’ve trained my brain to be present, so this is something that you could do so if you want to be a presence in Ewing direction. You will see that if you that’s your first impression would reading treat so, this is excellent advice, and I encourage you to meditate and be present in social situations.

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