014 The Power Of BREATHING To Make A Good First Impression

A great cheap would be a fool to hide. Distress. Gestures that you had, so if you are stressed when you approach someone normal, that’s normal, but it’s better not to show it too much because if you come someone and you’re shaking stress thoroughly.

If that’s great, for example, the first thing we can see is the gestures—first the hand. If you are, for example, really stressed, you see that your head would be shaking; for example, all units will be doing something right that’s. Or any other piracy gesture tries to hide it.

So try to control it when you approach someone, try to have your hands relax, don’t do stress science okay dots all stretching your neck all over the stress that is that’s.

You would have all the stress scientists would have tried to be relaxed and try to control you hence your hands because your hands show up okay, so try to have your hands relaxed. This is important.

Also, you must miss someone that he stressed we move fast the for example if I’m talking to you and then he’ll say Hey I’m my name is Alan, and I’m just here. Yes. You see that I’m moving, I look. Now out of serves a difference on a seven difference of the thing that they just did here and said Hey, my name is Allan how are you? yeah, I just wanted to **** protrude because I just wanted to say hi. You

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