Here I would like to share with you a bunny section also fuel for approaching because there is a technique that I wanted to share with your ease. Please focus on the positive, so you have the method that he comes straight away and approached the first person you see in the environment to show.

That it’s safe to approach to that he created the fuel for poaching but another great technique that they would have to say he’s focused on the positive by that I mean most people when they want to approach someone they focus on everything that can go wrong. This is our human nature.

Because you want to protect yourself so what can go wrong? I can approach this person can reject me depressant can see that I’m a loser this person can do that, yeah but maybe this person has a partner, yeah, but perhaps the specimen or everything had to be the spot that yeah, but maybe the illustrations like me yes but and then.

Then have this fear of approaching. Because. Usually, just listed in your mind all of the things that can go wrong. But now imagine the. Instead of leaving everything that can go wrong, why don’t you list everything that can go well?

Why not? Instead of saying, okay, discovering disco girl, can say, okay, can go where this can go as this can go at yeah I can approach is best discussion can you and your business partner this person can buy my product dispersant K.

Like new dispatch and can be my girlfriend, yeah but I can give the specimen great time I can set this product is the first of these products including trees at his life if I can not produce best never give this person a great time I can network I can have a new friend what did you think about the positive.

I knew we see that if you focus when you approach someone just before coming, if you focus on the things that can go well, you will see that your fuel for approaching will decrease, so this is important these.

Focus on the things that can go where you want to show your brain that’s the benefits will outweigh the negative things that can happen if you approach and before you ask, focusing on the negative and not thinking about the blessings on you about the negative things that can happen.

Now you think about all the positive things that can happen if you approach. And it will outweigh the small negative things because you don’t have time to think about them. After all, you’re thinking about all the benefits.

If you do that, if you approach straight away, then if you come the first best you saw in the violence, you will be in closing the ship. This is what fear for approaching is about, and this is how it works.

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