010 Decrease Your FEAR OF APPROACHING Technique 1

Okay, so it’s the end of day one he I would like to give you to exercise that you can use to start implementing the concept into your head. The first one is to find ways that.

You can approach someone directly and indirectly right three ways that you could close someone now and three ways that you could approach them indirectly, and then today try them you can try them if you are at the bus station.

I feel walking on the streets if you go and the back office somewhere well if you go to a vote tonight to social events and networking event dressed why them you go he is to get comfortable with. Approaching someone later, we see the fear for coming, so if you are afraid of approaching someone, go for it and close them.

Because you go here is not to get the crates in the direction it just to approach did you go you could hear for success to come and test the new openers that you have okay. Also, you can use is that when you approach someone, try to remember the name, so at the end of the direction, you leave the order and must.

No names and have used them once in the direction, so this is your challenge, and you would see that your results improved if you use the advice is.

I give you in the section self-congratulation the first day was intense. I would hope that you enjoyed it, and now it’s time to get some rest and practice, so do these exercises to hear about exercising, and we see two more for the next part.

The first technique here is to approach as soon as you want to let’s say that they go to a social situation when I see someone I want to come instead of looking at this person all staring at this person for 10 minutes and building my fear for protein I would know this person. Then we go straight to this person. They introduce myself all use a default opening.

White because the more you wait, the more the fear will be here. And if you approach immediately when you want to close, the few don’t have time to enter your body. 30 something compelling because most people see someone this okay I want to approve the specimen I have a dispensing with the special.

But the waitresses here then what can happen is that yeah but that’s the difficult because here and here and here. And then the few businesses you have a phone, but it is my boss and what happens if something wrong happens. And then it’s over game is over, but if you see the person say.

okay do I want to talk to specify the situations create go? Hey, my name is out of how you? You see the difference. Their fear doesn’t have time. My tiny doesn’t have time to enter my body. What happens if you don’t approach as soon as you see this person. Relax, listing the situation. I want to come someone here.

I say, okay, I want to approach someone, and then I don’t come, and everything gets scared. I know that the figures here. What you can do is that instead of Warren, hi good have to approach forget to relax so I would be okay I want to come.

I want to approach Frank, yeah but I I don’t know off the fears yes okay relax it I would forget that I want to close the special relax yeah I want I what we do something as maybe talk to someone else, and then again we can say Hey I want a perspective.

Then I go. You can see here that it’s a great technique if you can approach it, especially though to go for it but if you can’t. Just relax, let the fear go away, take you to hear your thoughts. Hey, I’m not going to approach, especially then do something else and then when you see stuff and again, you go straight.

We see that if you do that, you would get excellent results and defeat with two creeks, so this is Stickney quantities potent, and I use it every day. It’s not like a simple approach straight away, but when I see someone, they want to approach.

then if I don’t approach it best, I would wait to be relaxed, forget that they want to come to Bethan, look around to something else that’s an expression here boom, and then I go it’s actually how I treat my body, so it seems we went.


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