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Right, so it’s essential that you don’t brag, for example. If you want to check the directions, say, Hey, you know I I just came back from the street in New York, and maybe this made a 100 K. This is great because you can buy and my watch here. I’m good at that meeting. People who do this kind of thing is that they don’t see. It’s because they don’t forget.

All it’s on us confident with it and that they have is lack of self-esteem so that they need to show people that they are the best that’s what he. Imagine that someone. That’s his confidence, and he has good self-esteem.

Owns, for example, a business that is making a lot of money troubles are not this person is not going to say Hey I have this business I made 100 K. today no dispensing Hey yeah I have a business. They won’t even tell the amount all they won’t even tell when the traveller for example.

When I travel, and I give my conferences. And I know that mmhm there are people as that can be when I got him I got, and I don’t use that for example when a person I say yet I want to see a friend not going to say I gave a conference at the Sheraton to 19 for the fee 50 people they say Hey I just saw a friend. Because I so if you only it’s an.

If you have high self-esteem and feel comfortable that you don’t, you don’t need always to smash that’s into the other person’s. So yeah, I just wanted to give you a word he’s not never that you don’t right is if you have the things and then we come up in the conversation naturally but don’t brag because you want to impress someone.

Okay, because you would see that the person we know that you’re trying to impress them he needs to be done off, so my question is are you bragging in your when you approach someone you into such a situation yup or say, Hey, you know what’s I just came back from the street from New York.

Because we do great, my business partner had a $5000 deal and these greats and tomorrow I’m going to Las Vegas to have some fun because my father gave me $50000 and I just bought this car is an extreme example, but it can be you know most of the way.

But you will see that if you stop bragging and after I 38 yes the start boasting you would know that you have better social interaction so do we he hear a word of warning that they wanted to give you is. Stop bragging because. You will you are losing a lot of social interactions because of that.

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