So how can you remember the name? We have all been in the conversation and then talking with someone. Then you don’t know the name you won’t you you want for example to take the number, or as the name down that you don’t remember it’s very uncomfortable so how can you remember the name.

First, you must listen to the name; for example, when someone introduces himself and says, Hey, my name is marked. Listen to that, don’t be th don’t think about the next thing you want to say. What about something else? Listen and be present in the conversation. Then you would see that you will.

Remember the names of what you can also do. Ease repeats the name ten times in your head. Let’s say that, for example, Hey, my name is Alan, and then you say, Hey, my name is the mark I will repeat mark mark mark mark mark then you would see something recent mark mark mark mark mark to be on the back of my head because what you want to do that you want to remember that’s by increasing their times that’s. You say the name in your head.

So these are great ways to repeat the name in your head. What you can also do is use the name of the conversation. If you say Hey, my name is Alan, they say Hey, my name is marked, and then I ask you a question and then like you and says.

Hey, Hey markets, can I say something to you? Hey Mark, can I ask you a question? Hey, Hey Mark, what do you think of that by using that first? You would remember the name because it would increase the times that you use the word, but so you have a tremendous impact because remember the last time that someone called you.

By your name, your family friends, or of the strangers that we never use your name, but if you say if you use the word, people will be like when I got back if you specify and all.

And the impact you get to is that you will be able to connect faster with the person, and the person will like you more because you are calling them by their names.

So he’s a great way to remember is to. Think about. First, S. R. at a great way to remember is to use the name in the conversation. Another great technique if you want to remember the name is to associate the person with someone you know if, for example, I say, Hey, my name is Alan.

then you say, Hey, my name marks that are secure mark okay I have a friend at school mark.

I associate this person with my friends, and I can forget it and then at the end of hate what was his name, and I want to think about his name, but I would think about my friend, and I know how my friend’s coat.

then I know the name works well, okay; now I would like to share with you a small bonus tip and do something that they use if I forget the word and you want him to take.

The number, so I’m just asking for them say Hey can you give me your number and then I have the number here and they say Hey I tell you what is your name and the person who say Hey it’s March 6, yeah I know I know but what is your last name.

And these books would you help because people think that you forgot, but that could you say no, and then you see that you ask for the last name. Then you get, and then you have mark and the last word, so he’s a great way. I hope that you enjoy the section here on names. It’s essential, and it’s something that’s set you apart. If you use words in conversations, you will see that you have a fantastic impact.

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