Now let’s discuss the direct approach, and I would like to discuss that complements my favourites way of approaching someone is to give compliments because people love compliments. Imagine remembering the last time that someone compliments you. How was your feeling inside your body?

I’m sure you fed through really tremendous, so the goal here is that you want to compliment someone. Let’s be careful because if I approach them honestly, Hey, you do Cree friendly, and I don’t think this person was excellent.

Well, I don’t think that the compliment is genuine. It won’t work, so the primary base for great compliment ease has to be honest, so you want to see that’s the base so if you approach someone and want to read, you don’t know how to come someone say Hey.

This person has a great outfit all hate this person looks interesting all hate dispersant gave a great conference all Hey this person is that you can approach it doesn’t hate I like the way you will I like your meeting Hey I really like I he I like your outfit today Hey you seem like a friendly person what’s your name. You will always start on the rights foods if it’s generated, so it has to be developed by approaching and giving a compliment.

We see that you could completely express yourself when you give this company meant it would work like a charm and you would see the people we hook instantly, so it has to come from a place where it’s genuine, and you want to say that because everyone loves compliments. Now the co-payments, you can compliment someone on his looks, personality, and what happened in the environments before.

So let’s say for them on here on the looks you can say Hey I like your outfit, Hey I like the suit you are wearing Hey I like the car he I read that district, Hey I like how you match the chorus, Hey I like it’s straightforward. Still, it has to be generated he I want to open up your mind on that kind of compliments that you can get, so on the rocks, this is great, so if you go when you approach someone on that’s that’s great.

that’s not rude people think that all my gosh, I shouldn’t show too much interest. It’s not about showing curiosity about the enormous human being and interacting with someone else. You want to compliment someone going compliment someone.

I’m not getting you a compliment, everyone, and be many places you freak nope you go, and you approach someone. You give praise because you want to provide credit, and you see that if you have this mindset, you will be socially successful and have great results.

now this in a way you can approach them on and give the compliments about the personality and this is something it is my favourite way is because it is the one that works the best for me is you approach someone hate you look friendly I just wanted to say hi hi you look pretty open-minded Hey look adventurous because you can see by just looking at someone how does a person need.

If you see that this person looks friendly, you can look pretty nice at that hate. I just wanted to say hi, and this is why I like it is that. If you see that to someone, Hey, you look friendly. I wanted to say hi. Then the person.

Hostile acts as friendly because you frame it that way, so these what’s powerful because then if you say, Hey, you look pretty nice I I hate sorry Hey, you seem friendly. And then the presidency now **** off the person once say that the best thing to say thank you and then we’ll act as the friendly one.

so this is something that you can do. You can frame the conversation that way, so these are the powerful key that you can do. Now the third bar is about talking about the environment so you can compliment someone on. For example, if this person gave a conference before, all you can praise someone on the job, especially deeds on what happened before thinking about your interaction.

The looks of someone you have that personality, and then you have the environment. Hence, these are the three things that you can use to give a compliment, so to approach someone, you could say, Hey, and then you see the compliments, and then you can introduce yourself, Hey, my name is Han, okay, so this is a great way you can approach someone.

Now that to give you a quick exercise, imagine that’s you are somewhere, picture in your mind that you are somewhere in that you see people you would like to approach imagine.

What they are wearing, where they are, the environments, the state of mind there I mean, imagine that’s and then ask yourself this question okay, how could you approach them and how could.

I compliment them and do that now I would say take 2 or 3 minutes and dressed think about three people that you would like to approach innocent environments and think about the compliment that you could give them do that then you would see that your brain and we stop focusing on genuine compliments and first it can be difficult.

If you’re not used to giving this kind of compliment to strangers but Y., your mind will be comfortable doing that, so he’s a great exercise that you could do right now.

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