002 Psychology of APPROACHING 12

The psychology of the approach is interesting. You have person 8.5 percent B. the person AT wants to approach person beat. Still, it’s not as easy because it can be difficult. After all, you don’t know who dispatched ease this person will hurt you maybe someone around we see that you approach the special needs dentures.

He’s all the person who can kill you. You can say yeah, but no one was killing me nowadays, yes, but the thing with the psychology of operating he started many years ago, many 0 years ago.

When we were in the tribe, and we still have described instincts which is a far pro someone, then I get rejected maybe I will die because then we kick me out of the tribe so this is why we have this fee our property someone we have these.

We don’t know if it’s safe to approach someone else because it can be dangerous, and most of the time, we don’t want to close the specimen because we don’t want to take the risk. That something terrible happens so then we don’t come, so this is something that you should have in mind is that it’s normal to be afraid.

But there are things that you can do to increase your chances of approaching someone and make an excellent first impression. To make an excellent first impression.

It would help if you focused on feeling good. But then you would say, you know what, Alan yeah, but it’s what you say. Do you know that it’s only 7 per cent the communication between human beings is only 7 per cent verbal and 92 per cent nonverbal? So you could have.

Almost nothing to say if you have the 93 percent, which is your non-verbal communication which is the sound of your voice the all your eye contact, you smile, your visor energy that’s right tending with someone if you have a 93 percent of the way to the 7 per cent.

Yes, I would do to the 7 per cent, but I want to give you this key here: when you want to approach someone instead of saying, okay, what do I see? What do I say ask says gosh.

Okay, how can I feel good and then to feel good you have to feel good emotions in your body he can remember something you great that happened to you you can remember, for example, last time you went on vacation, and you loved it you have to feel this good emotion here.

And then you can approach someone. You would see that when you come to someone, and you have good emotions, it’s way more in parks and buy food and say okay.

Let’s see, what do I say that you stressed and you have negative energy in your body so focus on feeling good when you approach someone and is in existence that exercise you can do is that.

Right now, focus on feeling good. Focus on having good emotions in your body, so for the first, I know for the 5 seconds for the next 5 seconds, focus on feeling good. I feel good, right.

now it is an excellent state of mind to approach someone because you feel good. You must be conscious that it starts before approaching when you want to approach someone most people think that’s it starts when you come someone but not in stock before closing why because you mindset we have an impact the way you feel as we discussed before but so if people see you doing. Things that are we are the healthy people.

Suppose people see you doing things that. Make you real value, for example, let’s say that you are networking event all you awesome rightness has tuition and you want to approach someone and then disperse in ways that you. And then what you do is that you look at them all quickly and do nothing because.

You are free or, for example, let’s say that this person just might that you are even discussing looks at you and then you are—your whole stress like that. You haven’t even approached someone, but the first impression they have of discretion is that you see the low, confidently low value.

You must be going through that when you enter a social environment, you should feel good having fun, so you should be confident and be aware of that. When you enter a social situation, people around you would be looking at you, and the first impression that you get is when you are in a social position.

It’s also when you approach them, but there is also that you have this first impression that when you enter a room or when you are in this situation, so that’s important to consider death let’s take an example you go to a bar and for example let’s say that I want to approach to get out and enter the bar..

I’m all stressed, and then a gal looks at me, and then I looked down in the cold stress I haven’t even approached, but the gal tells these guys losers he is not confident, so be aware of that that you can be a networking event the job interview.

so most people think that it’s not in the room. No, he stopped when they interview her columns at the entrance. They hate you can come in it stops there he doesn’t stop when the W. S. thank everywhere says okay what makes a great what makes you great can do that so be aware that it starts reality something that you should keep in mind.

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